open_eGo: open electricity Grid optimization

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    01.08.2015 to 31.07.2018

    The German electricity grid is managed by over 800 different grid operators. The resulting multitude of interests is in conflict with the economic challenges of the energy transition, which require holistic grid planning. However, there is currently a lack of a suitable grid planning tool that can take into account the economically optimal use of flexibility options at different levels.

    The current problems of grid expansion planning related to the energy transition are answered by open-eGo, making efficient use of resources in the field of energy system modelling. The aim of open_eGo is to create a transparent grid planning tool across grid levels to determine economically favourable grid expansion scenarios, taking into account alternative flexibility options such as the use of storage or redispatch measures. The planning tool is being developed on a publicly accessible virtual research platform, which is also being developed as part of the project. This research platform also aims to provide actors in the energy transition with a building block for participation.

    The field of energy system analysis and modelling is currently characterised by proprietary model development and non-transparent handling of the input data used. In relation to research concerning grid expansion planning, this leads to a lack of transparency and participation opportunities for interested stakeholders. Through the development of the publicly accessible virtual research platform openEnergy-Platform, transparency, participation and the bundling of the resources used are achieved.