German Just Transition: A Review of Public Policies to Assist German Coal Communities in Transition

    • Report 21-13. Washington DC, USA & Berlin Germany: RFF & DIW Berlin.
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    Brauers, H.; Furnaro, A.; Herpich, P.; Kemfert, C.; Look, W.; Oei, Pao-Yu

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    This report is part of a series of papers prepared by Resources for the Future (RFF),
    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and other partners that examine policies and
    programs to promote fairness for workers and communities in a transition to a
    low–greenhouse gas emissions economy, often referred to as a just transition. The
    series looks at existing public policies and programs, grouped thematically as “tools
    in the toolbox” for policymakers seeking effective strategies to address challenges
    associated with transition. We focus on policies and programs that can support
    workers and communities in regions where coal, oil, or natural gas production or
    consumption has been a leading employer and driver of prosperity.