The Center for Sustainable Energy Systems sees itself as an interdisciplinary research and development center for the urgent questions of the necessary further development of our energy supply.

The work ranges from the development of detailed solutions in the field of sustainable technologies to the creation of consistent target scenarios for 100% renewable energy systems at local, regional or national level. The Center for Sustainable Energy Systems is structured according to the special research and development experience of the participating university teachers and scientists.

  • Renewable Energy
    • Focus on technical solutions and innovations
    • Wind energy research at the WETI center
    • Biomass, PV and combined systems
  • Energy System & Energy Supply
    • Focus on system integration and modeling of energy scenarios
    • Role of storage, grids and hydrogen
    • Transport and heat turnaround
  • Climate & Energy Policy
    • Focus on analyzes of concrete political instruments/modes of action
    • Climate protection concepts and CO2 policies
    • Fossil phase-out and security of supply
  • Sustainability & Transformation
    • ​Focus on connections of the energy transition with people and societal issues
    • Environment, resources and pollutants
    • Aspects of acceptance and justice


Strengths of the ZNES

  • 15 professors and 50+ other employees
  • Interdisciplinary breadth of energy research from power electronics to hydrogen to sufficiency research
  • Cooperation between university  (EUF) and university of applied sciences (HS Flensburg) enables applied, solution-oriented academic research
  • 100+ academic publications and 200+ scientific reports
  • Close cooperation with industry and practice partners; well connected in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Europe and Global