Renewable Energies

  • Focus on technical solutions and innovations
  • Wind energy research at the WETI-Center
  • Biomass, PV and combined plants

The "Renewable Energies" research cluster deals with the role of renewable technologies and innovations in current and future energy systems. Questions of technology design and impact assessment as well as innovation management up to aspects of the market launch and dissemination of innovations are analyzed. The focus is particularly on the evaluation, further development and optimization of renewable energy technologies from the point of view of targeted modularization and standardization and the ability to be integrated into a wide range of applications. This results in a comprehensive picture of the technological prospects and market opportunities for renewable energies.

Wind energy research is a central part of the cluster and is represented by the Wind Energy Technology Institute (WETI) at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. Research focuses on the control of wind turbines, as well as questions on system integration and tower concepts. At the heart of the WETI is the master's course "Wind Energy Engineering", which is being implemented in cooperation with several universities in Schleswig-Holstein.