Dynamic analysis of start-up strategies of AC excited double fed Induction machine for pumped storage power plant

    • EPE 13th European Conference Barcelona, Spain
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    Koutnik, J.; Krueger, K.; Saiju, Rajesh

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    The electric power generation using hydro potential is increasing around the globe due to many reasons like increasing power demand, deregulated markets, and environmental concerns etc. At the same time, extended transmission networks, higher degrees of interconnection between different networks, and fast connection and disconnection of the heavy loads demand flexible, fast power generation and consumption to and from the grid respectively. The variable speed pump storage hydropower plant with double fed induction machines [DFIM] is an excellent choice to tackle such problems, which also provides better dynamic stability compared to the conventional synchronous generator. The conventional starting procedure used in case of the synchronous generator can not be used. DFIM can be operated in positive or negative slip. This characteristic makes it possible to use partially decoupled variable frequency AC excitation system based upon power electronic converters. This paper focuses on a comparison of different start-up strategies and three phase short circuit by using the models developed in the SIMSEN software.