Jonas Freißmann, B. Eng.

Contact data

Mail jonas.freissmann [at]
Street Kanzleistraße 91-93
ZIP, City D-24943 Flensburg
Department Department of Energy and Biotechnology
Building H
Room H322


University Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
Research cluster Thermische Anlagen, Systemintegration


Jonas Freißmann comes from Soltau in the Lüneburger Heide and moved to Flensburg in 2015 for his studies. He studied energy sciences at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences with a focus on regenerative energy technology. He did his practical semester and his bachelor's thesis at the German Aerospace Centre in Stuttgart. The topic of the thesis was the "Application and evaluation of experimental measurement methods for the thermophysical characterisation of latent heat stores". In 2019, Jonas Freißmann began his Master's degree in systems engineering.
Jonas Freißmann is currently working on his Master's thesis with the topic "Integration of solar thermal energy and seasonal thermal energy storage in multivalent rural heat supply systems" and as a project collaborator in the EKSH-funded project "Solar thermal supported local and district heating supply as a building block of the sector-coupled heat transition in Schleswig-Holstein (SolWW-SH)".