Malte Fritz, M. Eng.

Contact data

Phone +49 (0)461 805 1772
Mail malte.fritz [at]
Street Kanzleistraße 91-93
ZIP, City D-24943 Flensburg
Department Department of Energy and Biotechnology
Building H
Room H 321


University Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
Research cluster Thermische Anlagen, Systemintegration


Malte Fritz studied regenerative energy technology at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences from 2011 to 2015. He carried out his practical semester at WKN AG, where he also wrote his Bachelor's thesis entitled "Use of renewable energies to supply the main building and vehicle fleet of WKN AG - potential study". In 2018, Malte Fritz completed his Master's in Systems Engineering, also at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. His master's thesis dealt with the "Adaptation design of a recorder based on a simulation-based investigation of the flow and temperature distribution." Between 2018 and 2019, Malte Fritz received teaching assignments for special tasks in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Maritime Technologies.

Since 2019, Malte Fritz has been working for ZNES in the EKSH-funded project "Solar thermal supported local and district heating supply as a building block of the sector-coupled heat transition in Schleswig-Holstein (SolWW-SH)".