Photovoltaic model based on data sheet values using Matlab simulation tool

    • 1st IEEE Global Power, Energy and Communication Conference (GPECOM)
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    Kroggel, A. ; Saiju, Rajesh; Wiese, N.

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    We develop an energy management system, which also takes into account regenerative generation plants such as photovoltaic or hydroelectric power plants. This paper discusses and describes a single-diode photovoltaic module, which is needed for the development of a hybrid power system and its energy management system. The photovoltaic model is based on five parameters from the datasheet. The equivalent circuit diagram, the equations used and the necessary parameters from the datasheet of the photovoltaic modules to be simulated are shown. In addition, we present a Matlab script, which uses the previously described Matlab simulation model of the photovoltaic module to output a table (.xls file) containing the maximum power point (MPP) as a function of irradiance and temperature. The generated .xls-file can be used for long-term simulations since more complicated algorithms like the maximum power point tracker are not considered in this type of simulation.